WD Smartware back up issue

Been using The WD passport for about a month…and over the weekend I reformatted my computer and moved files over but when I went to back up all my files back over to the WD passport I got a message that 3 files were not backed up.  Don’t really care about the files…but how do I get rid of the message telling me that these files weren’t backed up ?  Two of the files were jpgs from a music folder…and the other was a backed up email from Windows Live.  When I do a search for them on the pc  none of them show up in the results. 

Hi dude, unless you’re on file backup mode and have set those files as excluded then Smartware will keep telling you it didn’t copy them since it thinks it should have made the copy and thinks of it an error.

Thanks for the help.  When I booted my computer today and clicked on the Smartware software…it said that all my files were backed up and the messages about those files not being backed up was gone.