WD SmartWare auto backup w/ Windows Standby/Sleep

I have WIndows XP and if I want my comptuer to go to sleep/standby I’m guessing that SmartWare will no longer automatically backup while sleeping.

  1. I’m guessing this won’t be an issue if I don’t have my comptuer go to sleep for about 2 hours of inactivity, since any work on the computer would be already backed up in that time?

2.  If not, and it’s adventageous to always have WD SmartWare able to backup, then how can this be completed? I believe that Windows 7 and 8 have something like a Tasks Scheduler which would allow me to wake my computer for a backup action and then go back to sleep automatically?

The Smartware will backup the files as soon as the computer is available to do so.

Even if the computer is not able to backup at a given time it will resume the backup as soon as possible.

You can set the backup to start in a time where the computer is active and no other applications will disrupt its activity.

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