WD Smartware application error


I recently had a hard drive failure, and now when i try to run WD Smartware i get the following message…

XmlParser::ParseUrll::Error processing:F:\WD Smartware\Locale\en_US.lproj\localizable.strings

So i cannot protect my drive with the Passport until i can rectify this.It would be fantastic if someone could assist, perhaps I just need to replace the file but i need help locating one.

Much appreciated



Uninstall Smartware from your computer and then try to install its l atest version.

Sorry i should explain further. My laptop drive failed and is now replaced, but my Passport which i use as a backup to my laptop files is what I am trying to run the WD software from.

When i run it from the Passport i get the error and cannot access the existing backed up files.

I did try downloading new software but it downloaded to my C drive not the Passport.

Hope this makes sense?


Thank you very much. I was wondering why i had no interest.

I have one reply now…


Hi again

Anyone that can help me replace my WDsmartware App file on my Passport external drive?

Thank you…