WD smartware and WDquickview keep crashing

Every time I restart my Samsung netwbook from hibernation the WD quickview program crashes.

I also subsequently downloaded and installed WD Smartware from the support site - including an update to microsoft net framework as required, but when I start  WD Smartware from the taskbar it just crashess immediately - and my quickview launch option has also now disappeared. I can still see the drive and its content using windows explorer but none of the supplied software seems to work.  The install processes for Microsoft Net framework and WD Smartware both say they completed correctly.

I also tried to use it the network drive with Avanquest software to take a full image backup and this fails also .

I am an experienced IT person so I don’t think I am making any silly mistakes.  

Can anyone suggest how to get this product to do what I bought it for - I.e to take disk image backups.

The quickview is not needed at all to make disk image backups, so I don’t understand why you’re so worried about it if that’s what you want to do.

Same problem. WD SmartWare keeps on craping out and only WD QuickView works. I’ve given up on WD SmartWare.

 I agree that I should be able to take disk images without WD samrtware and WD quickview, but unfortunately the Avanquest perfect image 12 backup and protect suite fails when it tries to access the network drive so I can’t even do that.

It’s also pretty annoying that every time I start up the machine I get an error and get asked if I want to report it to Microsoft.

To see if I could even get rid of this message I tried uninstalling the WD software using add and remove programs in control panel and even this failed part way through, so I can’t even get rid of the software. 

I also tried re-installing the software, but when it tries to do the install it just comes up with a message  “timed out” and that fails.

I get the impression that WD are only competent at making and selling drives, but have no experience in developing, supplying or supporting software. This has got to have been the worst piece of software I have bought in the last 20 years.

So, I’m still looking for a resolution - has anyone any ideas what I can try next, or do I just clear down the drive and take it all back to PC world.