WD SmartWare and power plans in Windows 7 64 bits

Anyone have problems with this software and automatic stand-by on the desktop?
Since the last upgrade to the software, the desktop  that was never in automatic stand-by.
After removing the software the problem disappeared.

If you’re talking about the Sleep mode, yes, it has been disabled by Smartware ever since the release of version It has been well documented and complained about, but WD hasn’t addressed or they’ve ignored the problem in the 2 updates since the release of the After sending WD a problem report on this issue, I was told by the assigned technician they couldn’t duplicate the problem; yeah, right. I’m not optimistic they will fix this or all of the other problems that exist with 1.6.x WD Smartware.

If I sound frustrated with WD, well, I am!!!

I was talking with the technicians WD but they never said that issue.
As I am not interested in power off / on the desktop, but want it in between Sleep mode. I’ll wait to solve the problem. I hope.