WD Smartware and AOEMI *do not* see My Cloud Home, but I can use it in Windows 10 File Explorer?

Anybody have any wisdom for me?

I bought a My Cloud Home and I can see the unit in Windows 10 File Explorer and I can transfer files to it that way. But, when I use WD Smartware (and even AOMEI Backupper), My Cloud Home does not appear as a destination to back up files. It does not appear at all.

  • My Cloud firmware: 5.0.3-103, Xfinity modem model: TG1682G
  • I have power-cycled computer, Xfinity modem (Model: TG1682G) and the My Cloud Home unit.
  • I have gone through the ‘Not Detecting’ Answer ID 17500.
  • Firewall, virus and other applicable software are disabled.
  • Netbios is enabled over TCP/IP
  • Network Discovery is enabled.
  • The Windows Services described in Answer ID 17500 are all running and set to automatic.
  • Upnp is enabled on the Xfinity modem

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated!

@norskarv For SmartWare see the following and view Applicable Products.