WD SmartWare

I just upgraded to the new SmartWare and even though I don’t use the backup features, I do use the QuickView program.

Specifically I use it to safely dismount a WD Passport that I use.  Previously, when QuickView did the “safely remove” action, the Passport also powered down.  Now it still does the safely remove part, but the Passport continues to run.  Is this a new feature of the software or a bug of some sort?

Not a big deal, but I hate it when a desired behaviour changes…

the HumpMan

Hello there, does the drive keep spinning or does it blink every other second? Try re installing the Software from scratch to see if this helps out.

I’ll have to try that.

When I use the “safely remove” option from the QuickView menu, I do get the pop-up message that the drive can be disconnected.  But with the old software, I could hear the drive spin down and the PC would beep indicating a USB device being removed.  Since the update, I don’t get the USB disconnect beep and I can hear the drive still spinning.  I don’t believe the access light blinks, though.