WD Smartware Does Not Complete Installation on Windows 8 x64

The WD Smartware Installer for is not completing installation. It begins the install, but then it rolls it back. I have already confirmed that I have the Microsoft .NET 4 framework installed. I’m running a Sony VAIO all-in-one with Windows Pro 8.1.

The WD Smartware Installer gets all the way to the end, then says that the installation completed, but there’s no sign of WD Smartware anywhere on my workstation.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Is a Start Screen item added? When you perform a search on the Microsoft Windows Charms Bar for “Smartware”, does it provide any result? Is a system tray icon added when you restart your system?

Not sure about Start Screen item. When I search for “Smartware” on Windows, all I get is the Installer ZIP file and executable for the installer, but nothing else on the workstation. There is a system tray icon for Smartware. When I click on the “WD Smartware” selection for the icon, I get a dialog that says “Warning: WD Smartware was not installed or found”. When I click on “About WD Quick View”, I get a dialog that says “Version: Copyright 2011 Western Digital”.

Thanks in advance for your help.


It is possible a registry conflict is not allowing for a clean removal. I would recommend un-installing the application, and proceeding to clean the registry by means of dedicated applications before attempting to re-install WD SmartWare.