WD SmartWare 2.2: not sync when office file open?

Hello to everybody:

I decided to make the backup of some of my office (word and excel) files from my desktop to my new MyCloud 4TB.

Using Smartware in “continuos mode” should do the trick to maintain always uptodate my backup immediately.

Instead I notice that:

1)if, for instance, I save a word file while it is still open in word, the SmartWare tells me that the document is used by another process, so backup is impossible.

2)if I close the word then, the file sometimes remains not sync, sometimes it saves more than one copy of the file (?..) and I must do the request of backup from SmartWare window…

3)it only works if I simply close the word file immediately and so the word software is not locking it…But I often save the files during my working session, just to save the new things and be sure in case of failure…Moreover I have got the autosave option on every 15 minutes…

Anyone has the same issue?Otherwise the continuos backup is useless for me…Or is there a solution (apart using another backup software :slight_smile: )?

Thanks to all.


I won’t say that you are experiencing an issue.

WD Smartware, wont save a file if the file is being used by a program on the computer.

Also note that the software is a backup software not a sync software. So it will do the backup automatically when the computer goes to idle mode to avoid consuming the processor resources while you are using the PC.

To my understanding, there’s no backup software that will backup a document while that file still open.


But as in mentioned in numerous posts, Smartware 2.2.1 (Windows) as well as earlier versions do not back up .pst (outlook files) at all after initial backup!  I have just bought WD My Cloud,

  • Running WIndows VIsta including latest SPs
  • Updated firmware on WD MyCloud
  • Updated to Smartware 2.2.1
  • Updated to Smartware Pro
  • Did initial category backup incl Mail. Backup OK incl .pst
  • Set to hourly backup, wait > 24 hrs, and outlook .pst files are never backed up again.
  • Outlook is closed so files should back up

I’ve seen same problem in many posts, including old Smartware 1.6.x versions. But never a solution!!?

Hope you can assist.