WD Smartware 2.2.1 - showing all files as system

I moved all my itunes library from library on one PC to a new PC, using itunes to relocate them. In the new library on my D drive, backup excludes them from category backup.  I was able to backup them up on the old PC.

If I switch to file backup, I can see the files but I cannot select them. The checkbox will not ‘check’

Hi, have you tried selecting the folder that contains all of the music files, instead of individual songs? If the problem continues, try uninstalling Smartware and reinstalling it again.

I have tried selecting folders at all levels. The check boxes cannot be selected.

I will try reinstalling.

I will go ahead with reinstalling, however your reply does not take into account the fact that when I use category backup, no files are selected because the backup software sees the whole file set on the drive as system files according to the dispY it shows.

After uninstalling and reinstalling I still have the same problem.

Windows backup has no problem backing these files up.

Is this possibly a permissions problem? Since this drive was initially used on my old pc.

Also would like to understand why the delete option in the utilities erases the WD software instead of giving the user the option to retaoning it. Seems like a very poor user experience which would be easy to fix. The warning is that it will erase all data and your software is not data so it is misleading.