Wd smartware 1.3.01 : program dissapears!

I recently buy “my book essential”. which was delivered with a crazy (unbelievable response time, my laptop was paralysed) version. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite Pentium 4 running with XP with 2 GB

Based on a tip found on this site, i decided to install the lastest version. I follow the official instructions.

  1. Download “EssentialElite_FirmwareUpdater_v2.010(” and “WDSmartWare_SoftwareUpdater_for_Windows_1_3_0_16.exe” file
  2. Install those components based on the above mentioned official instructions. I even stop my antivirus …
  3. restart my machine (as mentioned)
  4. on my laptop the WD smartware has disappeared !!!

I tried  4 times ( = about 3-4 hours), and the same happens. During the lastest component installation (“WDSmartWare_SoftwareUpdater_for_Windows_1_3_0_16.exe”), the program is not upgraded but deleted. So I need to go back to HD drive to install the previous version. But is impossible to work with such a version.

What did I wrong ? What is the problem ?

Thanks for your help.


Please, take a look at this topic:


Is a know problem, but WD did not comment about it (after 3 months has not done anything to solve it).


There are a couple of things that could be wrong:

  1. Physical failure of the drive.
  2. Bad USB cable.

You might want to contact WD’s Technical Support about this. I would recommend calling in.  This way they can check for problems with your computer as well.

To Contact WD for Technical Support