WD Smart Ware Software Update Check Error

Hello Community,

I recently (last week) purchased My Book Essential 4 TB

The first time I plugged it and installed WD Smart Ware, it said that new firmware and software were available.

So after succesfull update to the latest firmware and software (all according to instructions), everything

works fine but now the Update Check doesn’t work. :dizzy_face:

When I press Check Now button in Software Updates it gives message :dizzy_face: :cry:

The Remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.

Automatically check for WD SmartWare updates is checked but it is the same with unchecked.

What can be a solution to fix this updatecheck error? Thanx.

There are other ways to check the software version.

Go to the settings tab on Smart and check the software and firmware version.

If I’m not mistaking this issue was happening on a previous release but got cleared on the latest firmware version.

Make sure is the latest. If not, update from the link bellow:


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Thank you! It works. :smileyvery-happy:

Now I launched WD SmartWare without My Book attached and in Settings Tab manually checked for an update and it works without any errors without Book. It says up to date.

But I didn’t find there info about firmware version.

In the link You posted about drive firmware how to step number 11. After Exit:

Please remove the USB and power cable. Wait 10 seconds and then connect the power cable and USB cable>then Reboot.

I remember very well when I was updating firmware on screen was written other instruction

it said after Exit> Turn off PC> unplug Drive from power> Turn On PC>Plug Into power Drive.

So which instruction is better or it is the same thing?

When the drive is connected under settings you will have a “Setup Drive option”, the firmware revision will appear on the setup drive information.

We recommend to follow the steps on the link that was just provided.

Each firmware is different and update process is updated to adjust to that specific revision.

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