Wd Smart Ware 2.4.2 unable to choose WD Cloud as backup target!


Please, what is the problem:

I got the new updated version of Wd Smart Ware but Backup is unactive!

Totally unable to choose my Wd Cloud as backup target!

Wd Smart Ware only shows Dropbox while I absolutely refuse to use!

My data will not be sent to Dropbox. I just do not trust Dropbox!

That is why I bought my own cloud!

So why is not my WD Cloud to be chosen as backup target?

Please help!

Thank you so much!

Called for help and this seems to have solved this problem:

Logged in via browser to WD Cloud dashboard.

There was a orange colored triangel and software update possibly was the problem…?

Took a good while to update Wd Cloud software app. 30 minutes…

Then I also downloaded once more that version 2.4.2 update for Wd Smart Ware

and rebooted my laptop…

And then! :slight_smile:

Now this new Wd Smart Ware 2.4.2 shows also Wd My Cloud as a possible backup target! :slight_smile:

Dropbox is then the other option.

Hope this will help some one struggling with the same kind of problem!

Thank You fo your possible kudo. :wink:


Glad to hear that your unit is working properly, and thanks for comming back to post your solution as this might help other users.

I have the same problem except all my software revisions are up-to-dade.