WD Smart Drive

I bought this about three years ago and yes I am slack but I have been away working, and today I went to back up my computer and found out I have to purchase a new activation code??

Now I was not told this and nowhere in any of the paperwork that came with the device is it stated I need to do this. 

I went on line to do so but as usual it was for the USA only SO where do I buy this code in this backward country of Australia who cannot afford to have support 24/7 like a third world country INDIA or a first world country like the USA?? 

Really fed up having to pay out AFTER you have BOUGHT the device and you OWN it and I cannot get back any on my personal information, photos, or genealogies of our family’s.:angry:


You don’t need an activation code for WD Smartware unless you want to get the Pro version.

If you do want to get the Pro version and are having issues getting the activation code then I recommend you contact support via phone or email.

WD has a dedicated support line for Australia.


If you don’t need the Pro version then you can download WD Smartware from the link below: