WD slingplayer app

I am running a slingbox 500 in Vancouver Canada and accessing it from Slingplayer on my WD box in Mesa Arizona. The problem I have had happen twice in a week is not being able to turn on the slingbox it just times out. I can access it from my I pad App with no problem it has never been a problem. The WD works again after I reset my Slingbox which is a problem when nobody is home to reset the slingbox
Any help would be appreciated

What were you doing when the issue appeared… Did you turn off the unit properly?

My friend was signed on and using my slingbox and his WD he has having no problem signing on and off. Then all of a sudden he went to log on and it just kept cycling then timed out . He called me and I have a WD the same thing happen to me it just kept cycling then timed out. I used my I pad with my app and logged on no problem. Once I reset my Slingbox it was fine. I have port forwarded my router which solved another issue with Internet viewing. Wondering if the WD should be returned. the error message I get is 10003