WD should not be making glossy drives

The Older ones were okay:

but the new ones are terrible because they are glossy:

Who decided to make them glossy?

Usually, both matte and gloss designs are available.

I like the Glossy Ones … to each his own :slight_smile:

I like both matte and glossy finishes,
They even make drives with shiny metal cases. Not sure I would want one of those.

The point is, careful shoppers get exactly what they want, because the style and finish is shown or described on the box.

If you bought it in a store, the store likely had a limited selection of styles.
If you bought it online, you saw a lot of choice, but you have to read the description closely if style and finish matters to you.
If you bought it from WD Store, they likely showed all their models and styles/finishes all arranged logically.

Take this experience as a small lesson in how to be a better shopper.