WD Shipping Defective HDDs as Replacement?

Hello all,

I bought a WD Caviar  320 GB in early 2012. It failed in August. It was replaced by WD.In less than two months this drive also failed. I received a 500 GB replacement drive after the second RMA. The second replacement also did not long very last. So in November 2012 I initiated RMA a third time. This time I received a 1TB Caviar Green as replacement. This 1TB device had problems from day one. A couple of weeks ago this one died too. 

All the four drives died similarly. They started making click-click sounds and failed to boot at all!

I found out that others have also faced similar problems. One person in particular claims to have had six replacements.

  See here .  

I would like to know if others have faced similar problems. Are larger HDD more prone to failure ? Or WD shipping defective / refurbished drives as replacement?

I’m not surprise at all with WD … WD how long before you sell your company ? This is what usually happens when a company doesn’t care about there  products or customers , So when will we see WD up for sale ?

hmmm… sounds like a lot of that has disappointed :confounded:

farhanhubble, check your private messages.