WD Sharespace

I just bought one of these and i am having some trouble figuring some things out for instance. I made a new folder in their called Media, where i am going to put my movies and stuff along with my music, anyway i managed to transfer the songs over, and i can see them on my main computer, but i cant see them on my laptop, note my main pc is a Windows and my laptop is a Mac. When i transfered a movie i was able to see the file on both computers, now when i played the file from the laptop it would kind of skip every so often, now i have something that i stream downstairs XBMC, which is xbox media center, that same file, or whole folder was not seen by XBMC all it saw was the configration folders.

What i am wondering is how can i share all folders, excuse me for my spelling i am typing fast.

Also i know i may not have gigabit ethernett, but i dont think files should be transfering at 6mb a second over the network.

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