WD Sharespace

I have 4 * 2TB Sahrespace working in  2* 2TB + 2* 2TB MIRRIOING MODE. The speed of the data writing and reading is gone like anything. At the same time I have a 1TB & 2TB My Book Network Storage which are performing well in terms of speed.

Kindly provide some tips to help me to improve the speed of the Storage.

I have 95% of my stoprage solutions are from WDC only. And I dont have any good support in India.


Check the link below for some tips on how to improve the transfer rate. Also since the my book has a faster processor than the Sharespace. You also have the option to improve the speed by using RAID 0 on the Sharespace.


The link you have shared is not working…

I am using RAID-1 “Mirroring” to safe guard my data.

I have another query on this, if there is a problem , Can I take out one of the HDD and connect in PC to access my files ?.

In case if HDD1 failed, after formatting it can I sync all the contents from HDD2 to HDD1 or is it only from HDD1 to HDD2 ?

Reference : http://community.wdc.com/t5/Other-Network-Drives/Volume-Degraded-Fixed/m-p/44198/highlight/true#M1803

Can I make HDD1 cllean up manually as suggested in the above link and then sync it with HDD2. Is there is any benefits in doin so in terms of speed ?

Is there is any way to do defrgamentation on these disks ?