WD ShareSpace with DC Problem

Dear all; I have installed and configured 4T ShareSpace and connected with Active directory (win 2003), i see all the users and they can see thier permitted folders according to their domain users.

the problem is that when i turn on the 4T Sharespace before the Domain Controller it don’t give permissions for the users to see their folders. and to solve this i shutdown the 4T then reboot the DC and turn on the 4T again.

please help me solving this issue.

thanks a lot

Hi dude!!!

Honestly, It sounds logical to me that the Sharespace won’t allow private access to the users from a domain it doesn’t recognize when the SP is on…

The SP expects the domain to be active when the SP itself becomes active, I see no way around it rather than turning on the SP only after the domain itself is fully active… Tedious and long I know…  But you can’t change a channel with your TV off…