WD Sharespace "Volume DataVolume does not exist" Can I swap drives?

I have the "Volume Datavolume does not exist on my WD Sharespace NAS.  I received the replacement unit from WD.  Can I just swap the drives and see if it works, or will that format the drives and loose my data.  I bought a couple extra drives, so I can keep drive # 4 (sounds like that is normally the data drive).  I have been trying to do the process mentioned by dudemanbubba, but my hardware on my desktop is really old and I have not been able to get it to work.  I figured when I get a newer desktop, I will try it again.  So do I try to swap all the old drives in, or will that cause them to be reformatted?

Thanks for the help.

Please be careful. You can try swapping on of the drives, preferably the one that you are having problems with.

Removing all drives from the Sharespace is not recommended and cane be data destructive.