WD ShareSpace - upgraded an existing user to WIndows 7

Dear All,

Our WD Sharespace has been working very well in our small company domain network. However I recently upgraded one of the systems to WIndows 7 and this particular user is now not recognised by the WD Sharespace and therefore I cannot attach the Sharespace shares etc to this windows 7 system as before.

I have removed the user account and shares within the WD Sharespace and re-added but still it won’t login with the specified account. If I use an alternate account this logs in from this Windows 7 system ok, so I know it sees it ok, but it is just the user account since moving up to Windows 7.

The firmware is at the current level, the user account works fine outside of the WD Sharespace in the domain as expected.

Please let me know if you have any ideas

Many thanks


At this point, the WD ShareSpace is not on the Windows 7 compatibility list we’ve put out.


Just to clarify this issue a bit more… Our WD ShareSpace is essentially set-up to be on our MS Exchange Domain and not a workgroup. The Exchange and DOmain setup is via our SBS 2003 server, so this is all supported by WD. I simply updated a client PC from Vista to Windows 7 (This was in fact a clean install), so this user is back on within our domain.

Now, within the WD set-up under Folder Shared Permissions  and Full access I notice it does not show the entry as domainname\username - it simply shows just the users name. So I’m assuming this is why it will not connect or accept the credentials for this user. If I try a different username it works on this wondows 7 PC it works!

I guess my question now is how do I get the WD Sharespace to accept the entry for the user as in domain format i.e. “domainname\username” ?  I have tried removing the users and share etc rebooting and re-adding but it still does not add in the correct format.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you give this forum any indication of when we can expect a Sharespace driver to be posted for Windows 7?


Dear nola_user,

I’ve managed to get my Sharespace working now with all my Windows 7 systems, which are in a MS exchange domain, so it does work. In fact I noticed Windows 7 prompted for an update to be installed which was I assume a driver update for the sharespace.

If you want help on what I did please let me know.



To Bill-s

Would you have any other precisions by any chance , as : “they’re working on it”  or “it should be compatible with Windows7 around Aug 2010”. Something better than “at this point”

You guys always do series of surveys on your support website, and with all due respect here is a hint : this is not good support and on a scale of satisfaction of the support team from 0 to 10 I’d go to 0.001.



Well, I clicked on the link I provided to show that the Sharespace wasn’t on the compatibility list, and guess what, it’s now on the list.  So, that means that the Sharespace is now compatible with Windows 7.  However, you may need to make sure that it has been updated to the latest firmware for that to be true.