WD Sharespace RAID 5 Failed, recover to new NAS?


I have a WD Sharespace 8TB configured in RAID 5. All the drives are showing failed through the GUI, but when I connect one by one, the drives are ok (as far as I know), so I’m thinking the controller must have failed.

My question is: If I connect the drives in the same order in a WDEX4100, will it possibly rebuild the RAID in the same configuration? Or will the new NAS attempt to reformat the disks? Is there anyway to recover the data? Please let me know, thanks!


If you connect the drives to a different enclosure in the same order, the unit should tell you that the drives were part of a RAID. This will allow you to rebuild the RAID without data loss.

I put the drives in a new RAID enclosure, and they’re still not able to be read. Says there’s no RAID configured, and I would have to reformat the drives.

Does anyone else have anymore advice?

Any idea if I plug the drives into another WD Sharespace will the RAID be recognized there? Or dont waste the money?

According to this post I reckon your chances of swapping the drives are very good: Switching from EX4100 to PR4100 as noted in the post, just make sure you maintain the drive order.