WD ShareSpace NFS and Linux - Here is how it is done

Have you had issues mounting your WD ShareStore to your Linux box?

I had a good deal of trouble at first and WD was of no help solving the issue so I did some looking and figured out a way that works well for me. I purchased two of the 8TB units and both are up and running and fully read/write accessable on all of my Linux boxes. They also work from the Windows box that I have but I plan on getting rid of that box in the next few months to be 100% Linux.

I received a couple errors before I figured this out and I list them here mainly so others doing searches will be able to find this help file.

Mounting error: “mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting”

Once mounted, I also found that I could read but not write to the drive even though it was configured with full access on the ShareStore.

I created a PDF with a few pictures to help you out. This is not a scam to get you to  my site, there simply isn’t a way to attach the PDF or images to this forum.


Hope this helps!


Nice tutorial, this will help some of the Linux guys.

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