WD Sharespace NAS: NAS to NAS backup

We have two NAS devices (4 TB and 8 TB, both Raid 5) for storing data in our installation. Each device is in a separate distant location from the other and in different networks.

The second NAS serves as a backup device for the first one. We have devised a way to automate the backup process but we would be much happier if you could please consider including support for NAS to NAS backup.

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I would like that to, and while you’r on the job why not stick in basic file management so I can log in from my ipad say (on the same network) and transfer files or delete/rename them.

This one gets my vote too, but then also for the MyBook Live. I currently implemented it myself with rsync and it’s working well. My backup is mirrored every night with another MBL in another country and vice versa. Would be great to have this officially supported (because to be honest this purpose was the only reason I bought the MBL to begin with.)

I don’t see this as important as basic reliability of MyBookLive access via WD2GO, as one can use SyncBack (free software) to sync the remote NAS drives, or local drives to NAS etc, and all of it reports on your PC after nightly/weekly/fortnightly scheduled runs.  If such a task is run on the NAS, you might go years without realising that the task had ceased to be performed for some reason or another.  That is the reason why backup software run from a user’s workstation is reliable, and backup software run from any server is often not… just the idea of a human seeing the results on the screen in front of them in the morning!!!