WD ShareSpace Mac Snow Leopard Sharing Problems

We have recently set up a ShareSpace network storage to be shared amongst multiple Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard computers. We have ran across a problem where when a user makes a folder within a shared folder, that folder is only able to be modified from that computer to have full access. When you try to add a file to that folder from a different mac computer, it will say you don’t have permission to modify it. We would like to have it where any Mac computer will be able to modify any of the folders and create new folders to be public on that shared folder. Any suggestions or answers would be appreciated. Thanks.

i have the exact same problem !!!

we have a macbook pro and a pc, and every subfodler and files created by the mac are none accesible for the pc… “access denied”

but the mac is able to edit or create filles and folders inside a folder created by a pc

i forgot to mention that we have a WD sharespace 4tb with firmware: 2.2.91

I have the same problem too, also I get a message on the mac saying the file is in use, but a windows machine can delete it. I am told it’s due to the fact that the nas is based on Linux and the mac is based on unix, there os’s are similar but the filesystems differ is some critical way. I don’t understand it to be honest. One way I magaged to work around it was to have only public shares and everyone log on to the server as guest/guest. Less than ideal I know, but my nas is only a family nas and we have no secrets lol.

i created a case in WD support, and they just told me to " please reset your WD SHarespace" jajajajajjaja the old fashioned solution, but problem remains…

i made a back  up of my files, and then restore the Sharespace to the factory defaults, and then created just one user with password, and now we use that user in both mac and pc, and the problem is no more.

now both OS can access, modify, create and delete everything.

i believe this is more a trick than a solution but the lack of support forced us to be creative!!!

I think I had that problem when some of my users used a linux box to connect via nfs rather than cifs. If I remember correctly, the problem had to do with the way groups were handled.

Let’s see… Could you please try this:

  1. Connect to any share in your sharespace with a windows machine

  2. Place a file into that share via windows

  3. Create a folder in that share via windows

  4. Now do the same with a mac (use the same username/password as before)

  5. Connect to that share through an ftp client or SSH and display the ownership information of the 2 files and 2 folders you just created. (via ssh e.g. through “ls -la”)

Could you post the result?



Try doing this using AFP instead of SMB (default).

Go-> Connect to Server and open using “afp://<put your shar ehere”. It seems more reliable to me.

Same problem here, 5 different users/machines but only 2 macs with SnowLeopard can’t delete/place files in random folders. Support said to reinstall but doesn’t work. Any upcomming firmware to fix this? Thank you.

Same issues here. I abondonded this device as a result. Wanna laugh? Here are the top notch troubleshooting tips I recieved:

2/13 - Me

often when i try to open a folder, it takes about 30 seconds or, the contents never display. I have to keep navigating back to the device in the finder and click public, then click the folder to see the folder contents. I need to repeat this process several times to see the contents. sometimes it works fine, but this is happening frequently.

I submitted this issue a month ago and the recommendation was to try rebooting the device. i can’t reboot this device all the time, i need this to work consistently. any suggestions?

2/14 - WD

We apologize for the difficulties. This issue may indicate corruption on the share folders for the device. Please move the current data on the drive to another location or drive, then perform a Restore Factory Default following the directions below.

Answer Title: How to reset the WD ShareSpace or the WD My Book World (white light) drive
Answer Link: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2683

2/14 - Me

I have 4.5TB of data on this device so moving it to another device is not an option. Can you confirm that the folder shares are corrupted? I haven’t had any issues with the files on the shares, just accessing the folders themselves through the Finder.

So far you guys have given me two solutions: reboot, reformat. Neither one of these solutions can be considered troubleshooting. When I pay $1,000 for a network storage solution I expect more troubleshooting expertise than this.

2/15 - Me

I created a new folder in the Public share and moved about 350GB of data into it. Now I get this error:

The folder can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents.

2/16 - Me

If you cannot provide me with a reasonable solution soon I will be returning this defective product for a full refund. I can’t even copy all of my critical data off of this device due to the errors below. I need a response on this issue ASAP.

2/16 - WD

Thank you for your reply.

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you; in order to assist you further where is the data stored, the Public share, Music share? Make sure you have the latest windows and Java updates for your computer and make sure you have the latest firmware update for your drive. If the drive is plugged into a Switch move it to a Router, if you are already using a Router check the Router for a firmware update or try a different Router. See the link below to check your drive for the latest firmware update. Always remember that “backup” means that you have your data stored in at least two (2) locations. Moving data from your system drive to an external hard drive is not a backup, unless there is already a duplicate of the file on a different drive.

Answer Title: How to check or update the firmware on a WD ShareSpace
Answer Link: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2744

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

2/16 - Me

I’m on a Mac.
Music is in public/shared music and public/shared iTunes media
Not all the files from shared copied over to the iTunes folder due to permissions problems. The issuses are inconsistent across the data. Login in once and it’s folders 1-10. Next time it’s 25-40 etc.

Everything is updated.

Given files are only copied to this drive once and never touched again except to be read,duplicating the data shouldn’t be necessary except for a hardware failure. raid 5 covers that.

This is a well documented issue on the web with no real solution from WD.

How do I manually set the proper permissions on the folders and files? That is what you need to answer.
If you don’t know then escalate me to someone who does. I can’t even move some of the data to do a factory reset.

2/17 - WD
Thank you for your reply.

In response to your inquiry the Raid does cover a single drive failure, however if the enclosure itself fails or there is a power spike the whole unit is effected and all the data can be lost. For permissions you need to go into the drives web interface to ensure the permission are set properly, while you are in the user interface check your unit for a firmware update. See the link below where you can download a user manual for our drive that provides details about the user interface.

Answer Title: Installation guides, user manuals, reference manuals, and product overviews for WD products
Answer Link: http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/211

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

2/17 - Me

I have already confirmed that I have the latest firmware and the
permissions are set to shared access yet, i still don’t have access to some

2/21 - WD

We would like to speak with you directly concerning this issue. Please leave your number, as well as good times to call you, or call us at 650-496-1060. We are in the office between 9am-5pm PT M-F. If we do not answer, it is because we are in a meeting or with another customer – if you leave a message with your contact information we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m sure with so many people having the same problem WD will fix it ASAP, as a great company they are, right? I’m sure they don’t want people spreading bad things about their products in social networks and hardware review media.