WD Sharespace, Data Volume "DataVolume" doesn't exist!

Good day to everybody,

I have a WD Sharespace 4TB (Model: WD40000A4NC-00). After a power failure i get the following,

Problem: 4 solid amber lights (1 for each disk)
Message: Data Volume “DataVolume” doesn’t exist!

Is there a solution?

There are many possible situations that could lead to the above error:

  1. The RAID controller itself has failed.
  2. One hard drive has failed, but the unit is unable to detect the faulty unit, and as such it flagged the entire volume.
  3. Two or more hard drives failed at once.

On any case, it’s best to completely power down and disconnect your unit. The next step would be to individually remove and test each hard drive for errors using a PC diagnostic tool such as Data Lifeguard Diagnostics (And then inserting each hard drive into the original bay/tray it was removed from). This will allow you to confirm if there is a faulty hard drive, or if the controller itself is the one that failed if all hard drives pass the test.