WD Sharespace - Copying Files

Hi Folks

Just bought one of these.

Seriously debating taking it back immediately.

Massively slow on Wireless.

Is there anyway to copy files to it from my PC that isn’t wireless?

Doesn’t play .MKV files to Media Player from what I can work out.

Any ideas?



Wireless is always slow.

Just connect it to your switch/router by means of a network cable.

At the same time, I would strongly advise you to take the box back. It is ALWAYS extremely slow, even if you use a PC with Gigabit-Link and a Gigabit-Network.

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Any advice on what to get that will do a better job?

Looking for 2-4 TB of storage

Wireless Streaming for video (inc MKV) and iTunes

Back Up for PC (automatic ideally)

Remote Access

Can plug into a PC to copy files across as well as doing via wireless network



Look to the Qnap, Thecus, Synology  etc.  Even their most basic units will leave the ShareSpace in their dust.

The SmallNetBuilder website is a good source of information.  There is a comparison chart here… you’ll note the sharespace isn’t ranked!?

I have a QNAP  and a Thecus (both now 4 X 2T) . They can be configured well beyond anything the Sharespace can do, and for not that much more.

Take it back Sharespace are junk.

Go QNAP or something like that.