WD Sharespace and Windows 10

Got a Win 10 laptop and I can not access my wd sharespace shared files.
Windows is showing the WD Sharespace in network storage but not as a network computer and I can’t get a list of shared folders to map as drives.

The WD Discovery tool v. 102.0.1 shows the WD Sharespace device on the network but both Map Network Shares and the Browse Network Shares buttons are not active (gray).

WD Sharespace model WDA4NC40000

How can I get to my files on the WD Sharepace trough windos 10?

Windows 10’s networking protocols could be incompatible with your unit. Try directing accessing the unit by typing \theipaddressofyourNAS in the search box in order for Windows to browse your network and see if it helps.

The proper syntax is double backspace preceeded by ip address of the sharespace.

This dumb page will not allow duplicate characters together, therefore it will eliminate one of the backspaces. Pretty lame for a forum that is all about such stuff. A single backspace will not work for you. Yes it works fine in Win 10 as crippled as it is, compared to Win 7.