WD Sharespace and PS3 Video Tree Issues

Hi, Im new here and i think im in the right spot so here goes,

I have a WD Sharespace running TwonkyMedia Version 4.4.9 connected to my network and my PS3.
I have my videos on the Sharespace in Different Folders eg


however the PS3 just sees them as 1 big list so they all appear and play but arent separated 
i have seen that a custom video tree can be created but i cannot get it to se individual folders on the HDD, if i create 3 folders then i get the 3 folders but cant seem to separate the data into those folders everything just appears! i Have also seen that i cant upgrade the twonky version as it is installed on a NAS.

Any help would be appreciated!


Could you provide me with a list of your Twonky settings?  Just go through the Twonky manager and take a screenshot of each page. As I have already upgraded all my devices, I need to see what the older version looks like in order to tell you where to go.