WD Sharespace and Network Copy Machine

I’m trying to configure my WD Sharespace to work with our new Ricoh All-In-One Copy Machine. I would like to be able to receive faxes to the Sharespace in a specific folder as well as be able to scan from the Ricoh to the Sharespace. I have gone into the copier settings and typed in the correct authentications (i.e… set the user name to admin and the password as admin) and told it where to dump the files (i.e… \\fax    --and--   \\scans). For some reason, the copier always says File Transmission failed when I try and scan something and when I look in the folders, the files are there but wont open because they’re corrupt. Is there a setting within the WebUI of the sharespace that I need to change/add? I also am running firmware v 2.1.3 on the sharespace, which I know is old but from the horror stories I’ve read about upgrading, I’m nervous to try and flash the firmware.

I have the 4TB Sharespace and a Ricoh Aficio MP C2050. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Well i’ve never tried a configuration like you have but I can offer a few possible suggestions.

First off make sure you post this on the forums of the copiers site. They are going to be in the best position to answer most of your questions.

Can the software save to your internal hard drive? If so are they corrupted there as well? If so than its a software issue and you must take it to the software vendor for assistance. If it is not corrupted, try manually copy/pasting the file to the ShareSpace. Are the files corrupted at this point? If so than something may be wrong with the drive and you should try a full factory reset. If they are not than your best bet is to use the software, save to your local machine, and set up software to monitor the directory you are saving to and back up to the ShareSpace.