Wd sharespace 8tb problem

I bought 8tb sharepace from ebay.

unfortunately ı was tricked

when ı checked the box that 2 tb wd sharespace is adding 4x2tb  hdd drives 

it turns to 8tb wd sharespace 

it didnot worked out

could you tell me a solution please how to work it out



may I suggest the following

take one of your 2TB disk

connect it to a PC (XP)  via a USB/SATA converter

remove all partition on it

disconnect from the PC

insert the first disk in the 1st slot of your WD Sharespace

power On the WD Sharespace

the LED for the 1st disk shoud appear solid green

then connect to the WD with a browser

survey the status of your disk on advanced mode > volume and raid management

in theory your disk should be added automatically in few minutes ( chkdsk / format …)

make the same thing for the disk # 2 / 3 / 4

don’t forget to power OFF the WD before inserting the new drive !!!

A the end you should have in your WD a complete Raid 0 8 To in line inside your WD

This operation has been done successfully 2 days ago with WD 2To drives (WD20EVDS)  replacing the original 1To drives

( all data has been destroyed/lost !!! )

After that I transformed the raid 0 into a raid 5 ; cost 36 Hours …