WD Sharespace 4TB and computer problem!

Hi all,

I have installed on my home network the WD Sharespace 4TB and everything were OK! All my files are being backed up. One day, suddenly, my computer became very slow. What I mean? That when tried to open a web page, or to access my e-mail or to access to my files or to restart/shutdown,  everything delayed hopelessly. I noticed that the ethernet port on my nas, was flashing but there no new files to back up. When I turned it off everything got back to normal to my computer. I have reset the nas storage, new backup from the beggining and after that the problem remains. When I turned it off, all are OK.

Do you have any idea what’s going on? On my nas I have installed the latest firmware any my computer is a quad core with 8gb ram, running Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.

Thanks in advance.


You don’t say what software you are using to do the backup, but if it is WD Anywhere Backup, turn it off until you plan to do the backup because it is constantly checking for changes and backing up thus slowing down the PC. I have this problem on the Mac and it goes away if I turn off WD Anywhere backup.


Dear Dennis,

Thanks for your response. I’m using WD Anywhere Backup Premium. I’ll try your suggestion and I’ll let you know with the results.

Thanks again.

Panos :slight_smile:

If you are having performance issues with the WDAB running, rather than have to turn it off competely, you can open the WDAB control panel and under the “Actions” tab, you can set the “Pause All Backups” to “Until System Idle”. That way the backup will only run when the computer has been idle for ten minutes.