WD sharespace 2TB write/read speed


I want to check something.
I recently bought a WD sharespace 2TB nas.
it looks new to be honest :slight_smile: but ! when om transfer stuff to it it only write with 16-20mb a second…
De original HDD is replaced by the previous owner to WD caviar green 1TB (so its now a 4tb version xD).
The greenies are in RAID 0, If im correct 16-20mb seems te be pretty slow :stuck_out_tongue:
(average HDD write around 50mb if im correct :P)
So i want to know if its the has it self thats slow or maybe the drives ?!? (s.m.a.r.t. says they are in good condition).

The nas is connected by CAT6 FTP cables
The router where its connected to is a gigabit router (tp link wr1043nd) its not the best but should be good enough.

I like to hear from you




Have you tried resetting the unit to see if it does any changes?

Also check if you have any firewall blocking the connection.


Reset was the first thing i did when i recieved it.
Firewall need to check it :open_mouth:

turning off the firewall doesn’t do anything :open_mouth: still hanging at the same area … :open_mouth:
anybody know a solution ?

bump ? :slight_smile: