WD ShareSpace 2TB SATA3 (WD20EARX) supported?


Does the ShareSpace supports 2TB SATA3 drives (WD20EARX)?

I’ve installed 4 2TB drives, 2 (WD20EARS) and 2 (WD20EARX), and now it doesn’t boot and the slots 3 and 4 where the WD20EARX are placed have the lights yellow blinking.

What happened to the original drives?

The new drives don’t have anything on them … The OS comes on the old drives

Yep thats the problem with these ‘software’ NAS systems, they are not like a real nas such as a qnap for instance.

The OS to boot from is on the first drive. So, you will need to make sure you rebuild the array or volume that contains it in a UNIX PC and then bring it back. I had this issue and WD’s response was always to swap out the device. I found the way to make my own solution and it worked by using standard UNIX commands. I have 4 drives in RAID 5 configuration in one of my ShareSpace drives and they are working fine. I was also able to bump up the performance of the network / file transfers to 12-15 Mbps consistently (not peak) and now I am working on a couple of more tweaks to bring this up to 25-30 Mbps. This will make its transfer rates in par with the more expensive NAS units (~$1500+).

Let me know if you need to do the same. My email is eabr08@live.com