WD SharedSpace mini_httpd trouble

I have a device DA4N40000.
recently launched the following problem:
I can not go to the web interface. The message says that has not received a response from the device.
I checked mini_httpd demon, he started and restarted without error. Catalog “proto” is present.
Help please, which way to look for the solution!
Thank you.


I am right in saying that the whole configuration of mini_httpd is presented in the next file “/etc/init.d/S55mini_httpd” ?


Besides the web interface, are you able to access the device folders and the files?

Yes, access is granted. Samba daemon is running. The problem is only on access to the web interface. Even mail notification is work.

I tried to reset to the device to default. The problem is not solved. :frowning:

Is there a way through the “ssh” to update Linux manually?