WD share space: Backup "Public" to "USB drive"


I want to backup “public” folder on my a usb disk.

My usb disk is plugged in usb port 1, In web interface I see my usb disk (state good), I have configured in “WD share to USB Backup”: soure share “public” and submit.

I think all the configuraton is good, but when I push the button 3 seconds, the light is on, but no files on the usb disk…

Do you have an idea ?

Thanks for your help !

You don’t say what model you have, but I guess you’re talking about a My Book World? Check page 163 of the manual to review the steps.


Hello Alucarx23,

It’s not a “My book world” but  a “WD ShareSpace”, my external drive have a capacity of 156Go in case of.


In fact, I have read an other time the documentation, when I plug the usb disk on the Nas,  the usb backup led need to turn off after few seconds, and after I can press and hold the usb backup button (3 seconds), in my case when I plug the disk, the led is always on…  on even after few hours.

Do you have an idea ?

Ok I’ve resolve my problem, it’s a bad contact with the usb backup button…