WD Setup on MAC 10.12.6


I’m trying to install WDSync for mac but as soon as I type my password to alow the instalation it sents me an error canceling it.

I’m using Sierra 10.12.5

Any help is appretiated.

Could we see a screenshot of the error?



after click on install, it ask for my password an then:

I hate to ask this… are you certain you are entering the correct password? Just want to rule out an error in a keyring being an issue etc.

I’ll ask around about this behavior tomorrow and see if anyone in the office has any ideas. In the interim, hopefully someone on the community will reply with some suggestions.

It was suggested that you try another data cable as well.

Don’t worry, I work on tech indistry and allways is better to ask if the user is certain about the password, I’m sure it’s my password.

Another data cable to connect my cloud to the access point?

Yes- this should be before any network connectivity comes into play, but just trying to rule out all the common issues that can cause unusual things to happen.