WD SES drivers - serious problem with windows 7 x64

when copying large files to wd my passport essential se usb 3.0, memory fills up to around 3.2 gb, transfer stops, can’t cancel and have to force shutdown with power button

small files transfer without problem, but everything over 3 gigs causes trouble

computer has all windows updates, latest chipset and video drivers, latest bios, etc.

changed memory in various combinations and if installed amount is 4 gigs or less,  once it reaches 50% transfer hangs and have to shut down computer

if  installed memory amount is bigger than 4 gigs, same thing happens when memory in use reaches 3.2-3.3 gigs (currently 12 gigs of ram is installed)

tested same thing on different computer (almost same configuration) and all transfers work fine

after great amount of time wasted trying to remove windows updates, reinstalling hardware and software decided not to install SES driver

and what happened?

memory in use does not go over 2.5 gigs and large files transfer fine

Wd should take a look at their driver and what is causing such problems


Thank you, this is really good information.