WD SES Device W7 Windows Update killed my Passport SE

This update **bleep**ed my drive. D=

I own a 750 GB My Passport Essential SE, and my OS is W7 Pro x64.

2 days a go this update poped up on windows updates, and I updated it, after that I restarted my PC and before all the programs closed up i had a BSOD.

After that I restarted and my Passport device was gone, I can access to the SmartWare partition but not the data partition.

I tried connecting my Passport to my laptop or my other desktop but when I do it it hangs the OS (the computer freezes when I try to acces the SmartWare partition, and it wont recognize the data paritition).

What sould I do??? I had very important data for my work in that drive and now its lost forever.

Help please.

I too have had a similar issue with My Passport 1TB.

I do not run windows 7 though.  The drive was working fine for a period of about 4 months.  My laptop now fails to see the hard drive and only shows the Smartware.  I decided to try and run the smartware instead to see if it needed this now to view the HDD.  A message then comes up saying I have input the wrong password too many times.  This is strange as I never set a password for it.

Any help or advice would be great.

Try the guest account or another user accouunt and see if you can access it that way. A couple of people had luck with it. To reset for more password attempts remove the drive properly unplug USB and power cable wait a couple min and reconnect. That should give 5 more tries.


Well, my drive was not password protected, so thats a no go for me. =/

I suggest you try it on another computer

I already tried that…

I ran a recovery test with Active@ File Recovery and I get this: 

I also tried HDD Regenerator 2011, but every time I run the Process it get stuck on this window:

HDD Regenerator 2011 Stuck

What can I do??? I really have very valuable info on that drive, i can’t just lose it like that.


Since you said you have very valuable data on this drive, I’ll try to help you.

First you need to resolve connection issues.(I still believe you have this)

My Passport’s  file system get corrupted very easily if you happened to have a bad connection. For the recovery you need a reliable PC with good connection. “Not the one you run in to trouble with”. Again, trying to recover a troubled drive with a bad USB connection would only make things go bad to worse.

Whether you like it not you have to use HDD Regenerator 2011 full version to recover your drive with data. Here’s what you have to do. Download HDD Regenerator 2011 trial from the legit site. Now install the trial on a good PC. Once completed try to run scan mode and you shouldn’t face any issue. You’ll face issues if you setup the application downloaded from the *bay. So don’t get confused on this.

BTW, I can’t see attached image.

I redownloaded the Regenerator and made a Bootable USB. After that I tested the HDD on my laptop and on my other desktop PC and after a few seconds after the Prescan starts I get a Bad Sector warning and then the “Hard drive is not ready! Switch off your computer, then switch it on to reset the system, blah blah blah” screen.

I’ve tried to rescan my drive like 15 times, every time on a different USB port on different machines with the same result.

Your drive may have a hardware problem or a corrupted file system beyond the scope of HDD regenerator repair capabilities. Only option available is to try deleting the existing partition and creating a new one. This will result destruction of all your data. Other option is to claim warranty replacement which will result the same. I am sorry, that  I cannot be more helpful on this issue. May be someone here might comeup with a better solution for your issue.

P.S. I experienced the similar event with my Passport Essential SE and I was fortunate enough to fully recover my drive using HDD Regenerator 2011.