WD SES Device driver

Hi. I re-formatted my WD My Book Essential 1.5Tb external drive. It is a usb2 connection.

I did it in my computer - then right clicked the drive to format. It erased all the files. I manually drag and drop my backups.

Can I manually install this driver to stop this message? Does the drive actually need it since the SmartWare program is not on there? The drive seems to work, and the FAQ already states it will work, but it’s better to install the driver, I wonder why the driver is needed? What does this driver do?

If I update the firmware to hide the VCD with Smartware, will it stop the prompting for the driver?

Can I download this driver? I am trying to do it from the net, but I cannot for some reason. Windows cannot find it.

Note: I’m looking in my computer and I see no VCD. Maybe you only have to manually re-format the drive to erase the VCD (I did not do a quick format)? But it is the driver.

I also removed the driver in device manager. It is now unknown in safely remove hardware.

Thank you.

Ok. So since I just uninstalled the driver, and then re-installed it:

I clicked safetly remove hardware: I removed the drive.

It’s ok in Computer management.

I removed the drive and plugged it back in to test it, now there is no prompt to install the SES driver again. It was found over the internet.


Good thinking.