WD SES Device Driver problems, please help!

Hi everyone,

I need to reinstall the WD SES Driver on my new computer, but unfortunately I lost the Extra folder which contained this driver. I tried to get the driver installed automatically through internet when the Found New Hardware Wizard screen popped up, it failed.

Then I downloaded the WD SES Driver and unzipped it. It comes with four files (wdcsam.cat, wdcsam.inf, wdscam.sys, and wdcsam64.sys) in one folder. Now what should I do with these files?


I’m not sure really. Extract to a file and when it asks for driver navigate there and see what you get.


Thanks for the tip,Joe. But seems it didn’t work out this time either. I manually installed it this time when the Found New Hardware Wizard screen popped up.

 I have tried Install the software automatically/Install from a list or specific location. Both options at last leave me with the screen saying  Cannot Continue the Hardware Update Wizard
The wizard could not find a better match for your hardware than the software you currently have installed.


I just can’t figure it out how to get the problem solved. Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks again

I would like to know, do you see it with a qquestion mark or exclamation ign under device manager?