WD SES Device 1TB

My Laptop and work PC running Windows & and the other Windows XP, say the device has been installed and yet i cannot see the device or access it… HELP!!

Sorry that was supposed to be Windows 7

Does the drive show in Disk Management?


I’m having similar symptoms with mine and have tried almost all the troubleshooting tips to date with no luck.

The drive works fine from my XP laptop but shows up as write-protected in windows 7 laptop.  Moved from one USB to another and finally got it to read but still write protected.

I’ve downloaded the SES driver and that did seem to help to enable the drive to be seen to at least read files and back up the drive.

Any help on how to remove the write-protect on a portable My Passport 1 TB drive running windows 7 would be great.

No thanks to Western Digital support who tried to convince me that my drive was defective and that I’d need to either reformat or get a new one to solve my issue.  I’ve found the solution that worked for me.

First think I found was that the WD Drive Manager Service was loaded but not started.  After starting the service on teh Service tab of the Task Manager window.  Next I was able to take the drive off line and the relabel the drive from E: to G:   Then bring it back online.  After that the drive was recognized as a disk drive rather than a DVD.

If you notice that the options on the top bar does not include New folder this may be your issue, too.

Now my drive enables each time I disconnect and connect it and it is write enabled.

Very frustrated but not sure if it’s WD or Windows causing all these issues.  Just wondering why I’m seeing so many posts and no good solutions on the WD site since this seems to be a popular issue among users.  Two days and lots of hours later I’m finally able to use my drive on Windows 7 and XP to transfer data across my laptops. 

How about on Mac?

It shows up fine in XP or Win 7, but on Mac it says, “write-protected”. Not able to copy or delete any data on a Mac.

Any solutions?