WD Sentinel RX4100 - Connector Issue


In my WD Sentinel RX 4100, I have few issues during installation and execution:

  1. I am not able to change the NAME of the Server. Is there any way to do it? I cannot see the option available in the Server. I have went through some documentation and found that only way to change name is factory reset it. So, does the Server name allows ( _ _ ) underscore character in its name during name change??
  2. What is the use of Recovery Button?? I am downloading the Server Recovery ISO from Support which is 9.82 Gb for EMEA. Where do I burn it on? Does DVD supports 10 GB size image? Or USB Booting is preferable?
  3. Last one, Important one, I tried to connect server with (http:///connect) from my Windows 7 client. I had trouble Firewall ports, and found it to be 65510 Port (giving tip for others) and downloaded the Connector. When I tried installing the Connector, I got an error message saying that the "Computer name has non-standard characters. Standard characters include only A-Z, a-z, -. How do I get rid of this error??? Because in my environment, I have standard naming procedure which uses (_ _) underscore in the name. How do I fix this??

I really appreciate any replies. Thank you very much in advance.

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  1. You are correct, the only way to rename the server is to satrat over.  Underscores are not allowed in the name though

  2. You mount the ISO on your local PC With Win8.x you can just dbl click the file and it will mount.  Win 7 you can downklaod a 3rd party app that will mount the iso.  Once it is mounted like a DVD you simply click setup.exe and follow the steps.

  3. Microsoft does not allow the computer names to have underscores.  You can read more at this linkif you like.  You could rename your desktops with dashes ?

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Dear Gramps,

I very much appreciate your responses for the points I queried about. 

The link for Naming Conventions says that the underscore (_) is invalid for the client computer name which are in domain, but to my surprise, we have the many computer names which have underscore (_) in their names and they are working fine. The infrastructure have Windows 7 Enterprise version of OS. 

We really don’t want to change the computer names since it is the company policy and we use the same naming convention across our network. Is there any other way-around to allow non-standard characters in client computer names? I can use dashes for Server names, but I am really not allowed to change the existing computer names in the infrastructure. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Sorry, I really have no clue.  I may try to fire up a virtual machine later.  I am wondering if perhaps you could join the machine with a dash and then rename it to an (_)  But I have no clue if that would break more things than it helps.

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Dear Gramps,

I downloaded the Recovery ISO Image from WD Support page. In Administration guide, the requirement for doing factory default for the server is, Virtual DVD Software and USB drive. 

I was wondering if I make the USB as bootable USB with the image I downloaded from WD Support website, do I still need the Virtual DVD Software? 

Can I just make bootable USB with recovery image, restart the server while pressing the recovery button and will the recovery starts right away?? Or do I need to follow the SAME steps given in the document and DO need the Virtual DVD Software. 

I appreciate your point of view regarding this. 

Thank you,

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You have to do what it says.Since the DX is headless You have to run setup.exe from the virtual dvd to walk you thrrough the options.

If you just booted from the USB you would have no control over what it did. Win 8 will mount the iso just by dblclicking on it.

The underscore character is allowed in the system name as long as NetBIOS is running in the network, but I believe is n longer allowed as of Windows Server 2008 R2 and later, as WINS/NetBIOS is no longer available. The underscore is not supported by DNS, only dash, and 2008R2 relies on DNS-integrated Active Directory.

The workstations support it because Windows 7 will still utilize NetBIOS and WINS if it is present in the network; Windows 8 will not.

Western Digital follows these guidelines in their system setup and does not allow you to use an underscore character in the system name.

When naming systems in the future, you should adhere to the DNS naming guidelines, and if possible, rename your existing workstations and servers to remove the underscore character, otherwise you may experience problems when upgrading the functional level of your domain.