WD Sentinel DX40000 R2 Cannot connect to Remote Web Access

I can access the WD Sentinel DX4000 from my IPhone or using Google Chrome on my pc, can see the computers, and can get access to server folders. However using IE11 from home desktop as well as laptop, get this error “Cannot connect to Remote Web Access. Please contact the person who manages the server.” It is a new DX4000 which came as a replacement of a damaged one. I had to change domain name for remote access from abc.remotewebaccess.com to abc1000.remotewebaccess.com and the remote webaccess worked for one day, but today i am getting these errors. Anybody have any idea what is going on?

May need to add it to trusted sites and run in compatibility mode

Tried that. Still not working.

Why did you have to change the domain name? When you ran the wizard the old name should have been in the drop down/available.

You might rerun the wizard and select the old name

You can also run Roberts tester

You have not installed anything on the server or added any roles manually?