WD Sentinel DX4000 UPnP is not enabled error, but it is!


Using a CISCO Linksys X3000 router, UPnP is enabled and Port range forwarding is followed:

Stat - End Port

80 to 80

443 to 443 



To IP Address




Then go into the server settings via the dashboard >>  Remote Web Access >> Repair

The Repair Remoote Web Access wizard found the following issues:

  • UPnP is not enabled on the router
  • There may be more than one router on your network
  • Remote Web Access to your server is blocked
  • The password to your domain name service provider user account is not correct

Grrrrr! help me please!





Have you tried resetting the router and the WD Sentinel?

Also make sure that the router firewall is not blocking the transmission.

Well UPnP error does not matter and I would turn it off.  Some other device may try to grab 80 and 443.  As long as you corectly forwarded 80 and 443 you should be fine.  I thing the site not available may be tied to the password quizzer.

Look at this thread in the MS group and see if it sheds any light.

As well from afar, you might try to access port 80 using IP.  You will get a cert error, but at least you know your forwarding is correct.