WD Sentinel DX4000 permanent restart after update

since tonight the DX4000 constantly restarts. I think it has performed a windows update. I can see it when teamviewer goes online for some 30 seconds.

I can see that an update was performed and it finishes it, then the services get started, the last i see is something with iSCSI and the the services get stopped and i get kicked out of teamviewer and system restarts. Infinite loop.

Is there anything like safemode with i can start or a system restore point i can open somehow?
regards, Max

I’m thinking…Dunno
May have to recover the OS
I am afraid if we do get it in safe mode then remote desktop and teamviewer would not work, so that would not help anything.

Hi Gramps,
well that is true.
Can you provide me a link to instructions of how to recover the os on the dx4000.

I found this page with recovery images, but which one to use?

I tend to download this one, as i believe its for europe? EMEA_SvrRecovery_1_7_5_17.iso

Thanks in advance. Max

I found it in the other threads, i try my luck.

OK, let us know