WD sentinel DX4000 not recovering at all

so my dad had this WD sentinel DX4000 that became unstable and crashed every week. so he eventually quit working on the server and it sat in his office next to a broken workstation (I actually managed to fix recently and have been using ever since.) untouched for two years. but now I have it and it is worse than I thought, I first took it apart and blew the inch layer of dust out with compressed air so it could actually be cooled by the gigantic fan in the back. after that I tried recovering without the outer case on and it worked for a while, as in it said RECOVERY STARTED on the LCD so I tried connecting to it with the recovery wizard and it said it could not find the server. and I tried multiple times I even tried when it said loading recovery or recovery started. then I restarted it and it booted into the old OS and all the data was “there” but it was flashing red and said BACKUP FAILED and WD UPDATE FAILED so I used the computer connect client provided on the support page and it asked me to log in, thankfully I guessed the correct password but then it said it could not establish a trust bond with the server. so I assumed it died so me being the stupid 13 year old boy I am I put all four drives into the workstation I fixed a couple days prior to this, and reformatted them with the Linux USB drive, and now that the drives are “erased” the server refuses to even start to recovery after unallocating of all the drives. I am using two of the hard drives to hold my linux distro I have been neglecting to work on for months, so i’m trying to make it work with two hard drives. they are the 2011 WD enterprise storage 2TB drives I have all four of the original drives but those are the ones I unallocated. any ideas of how to fix this? I don’t care if the “data” is erased i just want my own NAS server to work.

You need to slave or use a usb adapter in a windows pc and do fdisk >clean be sure and select the correct drive when you do clean !
then start the recovery process with recreate storage and then do the recovery

You lost me on the drives. You need to use at least 2 that were in there to start with after fidsk >clean

On an old NCIX tips video I saw it said you could do it with three drives of I remember correctly. And does fdisk work if I put the drives into my workstation?

The video

Great video
Like I said at least 2 drives, so 3 or 4 is also fine.
As long as it is a windows PC