WD securitysoftware update locked my disk

I have a relatively new (about 1.5 year old) MyPassport Ultra. I rarely use it (keep it in my safe) so it is pristine.
On Wednesday when I connected the drive to my W8 computer and a window popped up to ‘update wdsecurity’. I clicked ‘yes’ (my drive was still locked when I did so). The new softward downloaded and successfully ran, accepted my password, and I got a message ‘successfully unlocked.’ But now I can’t see or access my files. The disk as far as I can tell remains locked as far as I can tell. How do I get to my data! I’ve tried everything (a W10 computer for example). Is my data lost forever? I hope there is a ‘backdoor’!

Hi, unfortunately there is no backdoor, as you have tried different computers and the WD Security, I will recommend you to contact a professional data recovery company.