WD Security Password Changed

Hi, I currently have a 4tb WD My Passport that I use on my MacBook Pro and decided to encrypt it using WD Security, I have had no issues with this setup. However, I recently purchased a Dell Inspiron and decided to install the WD Security app onto the Windows laptop. When I initially plugged the drive in the WD Security app did not open and instead a Windows screen appeared with ALL the contents of the drive displayed and which I could access.

I unplugged it in the correct way and the following day decided to try the drive in the Dell, however, this time the WD Security appeared and requested the password. The password I used to encrypt the drive is somehow no longer accepted and I NEVER changed it. So I tried the drive in the MacBook and the same issue my current password was not being accepted.

I have no idea how the Dell managed to change my password, could have something to do with BitLocker? Regardless, am I resigned to just reformat the drive and lose everything.

Thanks in advance

Someone may have a similar experience they can lean on to help you but in the event no one does, you might want to consider reaching out to WD for some tips on things to try. Can imagine this is pretty frustrating. If you can afford to reformat, it might just be the fastest way out of this headache.



We have reached out to you via direct message, so we request you kindly check and reply to your DMs so that we can assist you further